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About Us

Only together we can make the world
a better place.


We are a group of individuals based in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and London, UK.

On the 24th of February, we woke up to the news, that the country we’re born in, Ukraine, was invaded by Russia. Our parents and friends in Ukraine woke up to the sounds of bombshells.

Our lives have changed since that moment.

Innocent people, including children, are being killed and wounded daily, so surely we couldn’t stand aside. 

A small group of us, whose family members and friends are still in Ukraine fighting for their lives started this initiative to collect/send humanitarian aid to people who desperately need our support.

What makes us different from the larger charities?

We are able to rapidly get the right aid to the people who need it most in Ukraine.

How are we able to do this? 

Our team of volunteers in the UK and Ukraine have been working around the clock to get critical care to those who need it most.

We have delivered over 148 lorries with humanitarian aid to Ukraine and around Ukraine since the start of the war.
We can deliver our humanitarian aid to most of the cities in Ukraine including the frontline cities, such as Mykolayiv, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk and more.

How can we do it?

From the beginning of the war we’ve been working in partnership with some amazing Ukrainian logistics companies as well as with some trustworthy and reliable volunteers on the ground.

With ongoing violence, a huge number of people urgently need help right now.
Your donations for Ukraine can make a massive difference.

Please give what you can to those who need it most!

Thank you so much to all the givers, supporters and sharers.
Keep up the good work!

The principal leads are below (but there are many more people behind these faces – we could NOT do this alone without the support of our fantastic friends and networks).

Meet The Team

Svetlana Wilson MCIM

Svetlana Wilson - Website
is a passionate Digital Marketer who loves Digital Marketing, because technology is the future, which means that if we work in digital marketing we are already ahead of the trend.

Experienced in:

  • Leadership in digital marketing – building vision, teams and strategy to improve results.
  • Taking the lead in conceptions, production and promotion of content marketing initiatives.
  • Project managing new websites launches (from concept to execution)
  • Promoting the value and role of digital marketing across the business and engage team members to support with content, contacts, budget etc….
Svetlana has come originally from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Her parents are currently in Mykolaiv, fighting for their existence. She is a mother of a beautiful special thirteen years old girl, living with her husband in Wantage.

Dr Paul Wilson

is a Lead Process Specialist Process Development and Analytical Group at Infineum.

Paul believes that supporting a good cause is a great way to reinforce his own personal values and feels like he’s living in a way that is true to his own ethical beliefs.

Paul’s wife, Svetlana, is Ukrainian, her family and friends are fighting for their lives back in Ukraine right now, as we speak. Since Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Paul and Svetlana do what they can to support Ukraine at this difficult time.

Paul is a father of a beautiful special girl, living with his wife and his daughter in Grove, Wantage.

Rob Legge

is one of the Founders of a TLC Installation Company. TLC Installations are a small, independent, local company which install fridges in the supermarkets. Since 2002 they have provided service to the commercial retail industry specialising in the installation of customer facing refrigerated display equipment. As well as this, the team of highly skilled operatives can provide a range of services, including cabinet cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment. They also provide a licensed removal and disposal service in accordance with environmental requirements. One of the companies TLC currently work with – use a Ukrainian company to manufacture the fridges. Here is what Rob Legge said: “We have waited in anticipation for these fridges to arrive over the last few weeks and were informed that some had left Ukraine. These arrived late Friday afternoon and we promptly unloaded them. In our best communication skills we were able to ascertain that they were to stay over the weekend and travel back on the Monday. We gave them access to our facilities over the week end and took them shopping. We wanted to try and contribute in a small way by seeing if we could send them back with aid. After seeing many posts on Facebook from Cynthia arranging for collections and help packing of aid, I contacted her to see, if it were possible, if they could send aid back with the lorries. We spoke Saturday morning and Cynthia put me in touch with Svetlana who is originally from Ukraine. She followed me to our yard to meet the drivers. After a few phone calls Svetlana put a thumb up. What a fantastic feeling!”

Aleksandra Middleton

is a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher at Abingdon and Witney College.

Aleksandra (Ola) is responsible for providing a balanced yoga practice for participants of all levels and abilities, providing progressions and regressions when necessary, and educating patrons on appropriate breathing principles and safe transitioning techniques.

Ola knows first-hand the value of helping people and how it can make a difference in someone’s life. For the past 5 weeks, she’s been a volunteer of Oursupport4ukraine and has become an invaluable member of the team.

Here is what Aleksandra says: “I can truly say the benefits of giving your time and commitment to a worthwhile cause is priceless.”

Ola has a beautiful family: she lives with her husband, Jon, and their two beautiful kids, Mia, age 13, and Amy, age 10 in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Prosperity for Ukraine


is a non-profit charity organisation based in London, has been working closely with the oursupport4ukraine community since February 25th 2022.

Together, we are dedicated to providing vital support and assistance to the people of Ukraine during these challenging times. Our collaborative efforts have involved collecting and delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine, where it is needed the most.

The organisation is led by Galyna Kosynska and Aleks Yerema.

Through our combined efforts, to date, we have delivered over 140 20-ton lorries filled with humanitarian aid to Ukraine and within the country to areas where it is needed the most.



Staff from South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) have been incredible, they’ve been involved in this initiative since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. They continue to help those most affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine by supporting a public appeal for donations of first aid supplies, over-the-counter medicines, baby products and other specific, much-needed items.

Here, at oursupport4ukraine, everybody is super grateful to the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust for all their help and support.

Irene Molodtsov

Irene - Website

is a business leader and a serial entrepreneur.

She is the former CEO of Sia Partners UK & Ireland, a management and data science consultancy.
Prior to joining Sia Partners in 2016, co-founded a business transformation firm Molten before it was sold to Sia Partners in 2016. At Sia Partners, Irene was responsible for growing three offices offering Transformation, Financial, Energy & Utilities and Growth & Innovation

Irene is British Citizen, born in Odessa Ukraine, resides with her husband, two kids, 25 chickens and 4 geese in Gloucestershire. Her IG account is @IreneMylife

Irene’s specialism is business transformation having developed strategies and operating models for Tier 1 multinational globally. She knows how to grow businesses, pivot business to be profitable and sustainable. Irene continues to be an investor, NED and Chairman of various companies. She does numerous charitable activities and serves as a Governor of SGS College. 

Irene was an invaluable member of oursupport4ukraine until April 2022.

Sasha Molodtsov

Sasha - website

is a Financial Services’ Director at BDO LLP, the fifth largest professional services firm globally.

Sasha is responsible for leading BDO’s Financial Services’ business development programme which includes retention and acquisition of global clients and client relationship management.

Along side her technical role, Sasha is an Inclusion leader (BAME, BLM and LGBT+ Ally), a mentor with The 30% Club, The Prince’s Trust and the co-founder of a successful women’s London network (over 600 members) for seven years, sponsored by Westpac Bank. Prior to joining BDO 10 years ago, Sasha worked for KPMG, Adecco Group and a local Australian not-for-profit.

Sasha’s mother, father and sister come from Odessa Ukraine. She is a mother of two children and two dogs, living with her husband in London. 

Sasha was an invaluable member of oursupport4ukraine until April 2022.

Agata Rodrigus

is a Managing Director of a cleaning company offering the following services in Oxfordshire:

    • End of Tenancy
    • Residential
    • Office/Shop
    • Builder Clean Up
    • Deep Clean

Knowing that she has made a difference in the world is what makes her thrive; She truly believes that one person can make a massive difference. Agata loves working with people and dreams to become a real leader.

Agata is from Poland. She is a mother of two beautiful children. The knowledge that she’s helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, makes her feel happier and more fulfilled.

Aga was an invaluable member of oursupport4ukraine until April 2022.

Piotr Oller


is a Driving Instructor.

Piotr teaches learners to safely drive a manual or automatic motor vehicle and instructs them in basic car control skills. He educates new drivers in understanding traffic laws, signs and road regulations, and helps them to gain on-road driving practice.

Piotr loves helping others and he is a super valuable member of our oursupport4ukraine team.

Piotr is a father of two beautiful children, living with his wife in Aylesbury.

Piotr was an invaluable member of oursupport4ukraine until April 2022.

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